Top best breeds of grey cats

There is nothing more classic and cute than a grey kitty. Striped with fifty shades of grey, these gorgeous kitties come in many varieties 

Their shaggy coats matted with beautiful shapes and waves, curls and fronds, are forever soft and forever ready for a good, wholesome pat 

Variety is the name of the game for any grey cat. Rarely stuck with one straight or solid shade of grey 

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There are a collection of potential pattern styles, some cats adopting only one pattern, and others adopting different patterns on different parts of their body. 

Bicolor: A coat that varies between two specific colors, usually white and something else. It is very common among mixed breeds.

Colorpoint: Cats that have a particular color across most of their body but then feature darker or lighter shades on their face or paws.

these giant grey cats are thought to have come from the mountains of Syria, moving west as feral kitties across eastern and southern Europe 

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