The Most Obedient Dogs Available for Adoption 

Get ready for a crash course in dog etiquette! We're about to delve into the realm of well-behaved canines. 

These friendly dogs are smart and trainable, making them the most popular in the US. American Kennel Club: “Labs love to learn”. 

The Golden Retriever is a close second most popular breed of dog due to its reputation for friendliness and tolerance.  

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The American Kennel Club says, "They are dependable, friendly, and trustworthy." 

Beagles are great pets for homes of all sizes thanks to their compact stature and large personalities. 

'Beagles absolutely love everybody,' says dog behaviorist Stanley Coren. 

Don't be deceived by how refined they appear. Poodles have a high IQ and respond well to training. 

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