Sweet Dog Breeds That Thrive Indoor

Small, cute and ever-so-curious, the Affenpinscher looks more like a toy than a real dog. This is perfect if you live in a small apartment. 

Not only does it take up very little room (it’s unlikely to be taller than 11 inches and weighs only around 8 pounds), it has a neat, wiry coat with minimal shedding 

Most content when with human family, the highly sociable American Eskimo dog (affectionately known as the Eskie) comes in three sizes: standard, 

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This breed needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, but it definitely won’t enjoy being left out in the yard all day.  

The Australian terrier is a whole lot of dog in a very small package. If there are no other dogs to compete with — it likes to have you all to itself 

Provided it gets plenty of exercise during the day, it will be more than happy to snuggle up with you in the evening.  

As long as its exercise needs are met (it has webbed paws, so swimming will go down a treat in addition to lots of long walks), it will enjoy indoor down-time.  

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