Pesto-topped pasta or pour-in-a-pan pizza 

We adapt a Bari, Italy, high-hydration focaccia recipe to make a pour-in-the-pan pizza.  

Knowing that pesto is more than basil and Parmesan, our Spaghetti With Parsley Pesto has a surprising addition. 

When it's ready to use, this dough has the consistency of a thin batter.  

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The dough will double in size, then collapse, and finally double again.  

Our rendition of the light, open-crust focaccia we had in Bari, Italy, was based on the dough from the Milk Street recipe.  

See below for instructions on how to make two 12-inch pizzas instead 

of one giant one using low-lipped, disk-shaped pizza pans like those used in American-style pizzerias. 

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