Huge 177-pound dog seeking everlasting home 

Major, an eleven-year-old Anatolian Shepherd, with monster-frame causes him to suffer from osteoarthritis. 

The volunteers at the Dogs Trust in Loughborough describe him as a "gentle giant" who wants nothing more than a good home. 

According to the trust's manager of the rehoming facility, Celine Di Crocco, "Major is the biggest dog we have ever cared for. 

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He may be a big guy, but his sweet gigantic soul has won over the hearts of everyone at the adoption facility. 

Major's tale is an eye-opening illustration of the weight control difficulties that certain canine companions may face. 

Major's weight-loss regimen involves exercising and monitoring her food. 

He may live with youngsters over 12 and another calm dog after good center introductions. 

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