Houston's Best Apple Cider Donut Shops for the Fall 

Many eateries provide pumpkin-spiced coffee and sweets as soon as the fall equinox arrives.  

Apples thrive in New England and the Mid-Atlantic, but Texas's heat, humidity, and mild winters are unfavorable. 

Houston's fall began with Adair Kitchen's apple cider doughnuts.  

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. The year after Adair's apple cider doughnut debut, consumers begged eateries to bring them back.  

City Orchard, a cider bar and brewery, serves apple cider doughnuts on weekends throughout the holidays.  

Awesome Bites Co., an allergy-friendly bakery, has offered apple cider doughnuts on Donut Wednesdays this season. 

Like the seasons, Adair's doughnuts are seasonal, so grab your fix soon. 

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