Get Rid of Evil, Spirits, and Energies This Halloween

 Polish a glass surface. Purify it with the smoke of incense and the energy of your intention. 

Enclose yourself in a sphere of calming and restorative energy. If you really must, try meditating with your eyes closed. Imagine that there is a light that encircles 

Maintain your concentration on the mirror while you focus your goal there. Make sure you are really clear. 

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Position the mirror so that it is either facing you or laying flat on the ground. Light a black candle and place it in front of you, separating you from the mirror 

 When you look in the mirror, the reflection of your mouth should be roughly in the center. Maintain your concentration on the mirror and look at yourself in it.

 Declare to the mirror that you will not tolerate any negative energy or evil influences in your life, and that you will not accept any of these things. 

 Visualize a puff of black smoke being shot into the mirror and having it reflect back as white. Continue doing this for as long as you possibly can until you begin

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